about Wij...

Hello my name is Wij, I grew up in Arizona and have found an incredible passion in creating art. I feel as though if people used their brains in unconventional ways more often it would bring much more enjoyment out of existence here in this dimension on earth. Being able to see things from all angles with an open mind is key for finding peace. Vibrant energy, provoking thought, & higher consciousness is what I focus my artwork around. Inspiration, feelings or visions though looking at a painting is one of my favorite things in the world.

A piece of art can make a person travel though time into memories they weren’t aware they still possessed. They can bring enlightenment to ones consciousness with no words spoken at all. Art has the ability to tell stories or share knowledge over vast amounts of time, bringing along the energy that was put into it while undergoing creation... I strive to bring that abundant, positive energy to all who acquire my works of art.

treasure hunts

On occasion, I hide one of my pieces in the wild. Sometimes its buried in the wilderness, sometimes its behind a dumpster in the city.

I announce the GPS coordinates of the mystery piece on my Social media. From there, it's finders keepers.

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what inspires me?

Life. Experiences. The universe.

Nature is huge and we have only scratched the surface of what our world holds. I love being outside and being inspired by organic forms & structures of nature. It is my belief that all things produce inspiration, I find my inspiration in everything. Things like comedy, animals, my girlfriend Mallory. There is beauty everywhere, I just try and put my interpretation of that beauty onto the canvas (or artifact).

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