about Wij...

Hello my name is Wij, I make art using multiple mediums. My style changes up as i find things i'm interested in at the time and place in which i'm creating and being inspired. Currently I am exploring abstract and surrealism, Sourcing inspiration from dreams, life experiences, and souls I connect with.

treasure hunts

On occasion, I hide one of my pieces in the wild. Sometimes its buried in the wilderness, sometimes its behind a dumpster in the city.

I announce the GPS coordinates of the mystery piece on my Social media. From there, it's finders keepers.

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what inspires me?

Life. Experiences. The universe.

Nature is huge and we have only scratched the surface of what our world holds. I love being outside and being inspired by organic forms & structures of nature. It is my belief that all things produce inspiration. There is beauty everywhere, I express my interpretation of that beauty onto the canvas (or artifact).

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